In the time period from 13.06.2015 - 11.09.2015 the company SIA "SteelConstructor MM" built a new shed for grain storage for the company AS ERTS Valga Vaba Terminaal.

The shed was built in a short term and qualitatively.

We recommend to choose the company SIA "SteelConstructor MM" as a partner.


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ERTS Valga Vaba Terminaal AS,

In the time period from 05.10.2015- 22.12.2015 SIA "SteelConstructor MM" performed a basement concreting works, as well as delivery and installation works of metal constructions for two loose bulk freight sheds in Zilā street 22, Riga.

Within concreting works there were built basement foot, pole-shaped basement, retaining wall, plinth – the total cubature of concreting works were 1216m3.

The installation works of metal constructions was executed in 7 weeks with a total volume 370 tons.

SIA "SteelConstructor MM" performed the assigned works qualitatively, in accordance with the concluded agreement and detail design. The works were performed quickly, observing all stipulated terms, providing the qualitative object’s putting into service in a short term. The construction company employees showed professionality and serious attitude to the executable work.

We recommend SIA "SteelConstructor MM" as a partner for realisation of other projects.




KS Terminal SIA,

Project new industrial hall for Enstaberga Cementgjuteri, Nyköping, Sweden.

Byggmästarna AB has hired Marupes Metalmeistars A/S together with Steelconstructor LTD for the construction of an industrial hall of 1500 square meters at Enstaberga Cementgjuteri AB. The work performed during the autumn of 2011 included supply and installation of steel frame, walls, roof, rainwater systems etc.

We are very satisfied with the cooperation with the company that has shown great skill all the way from the tender stage, the production stage to final inspection in a very professional, business- like and honest way.




Byggmästarna AB,

In the time period from 26.04.2012 until 01.09.2012 SIA "Steel Constructor MM" was performing the roof reconstruction and repairing works in Skultes street 14 and 12, Skulte.

All the works scheduled in agreement were executed professionally and timely, which provided the object’s putting into service in a short term. We recommend SIA "Steel Constructor MM" as a partner in realization of construction projects.




Mārupes komunālie pakalpojumi AS,