Loose bulk freight hangar -Taahe 13, Estonia

The project was realized in 8 weeks. The hangar width 25 metres, length 60 metres.

The hangar is provided as loose bulk freight warehouses. The total flooring is 1450 m2. The hangar shall be used for grain storage. There were constructed pole-shape reinforced concrete bearing basement, plinth beam, internal support wall. The hangar carcasses are made of metal constructions, volume 62 tons, which were delivered and installed by us. For the siding of walls there was used MMR 20 profile, for the siding of roof was used MM20 profile, concreting of floor plate 1450 m2.

The inside of the hangars was sided with wooden beams with a height of 6 meters, in total providing about 8000m3 for grain storage.