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WT Terminal,

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In the time period from 25.07.16-01.08.16 SIA "SteelConstructorMM" was performing the installation works of three movable bridges in the object: SJSC "RIGA International Airport” “Extension of the passenger terminal 5th round The North Pier, 2nd round of construction”, installation volume 85 tons, the works were executed in 5 days.

SIA "SteelConstructorMM" performed the assigned works qualitatively, in accordance with the concluded agreement and detail design. The works were executed quickly, observing all stipulated terms, providing the qualitative commissioning of the object in a short term. The employees of the construction company showed professionality and a serious attitude to the performable work.

We are very satisfied with the results of the installation works.


We recommend SIA "SteelConstructorMM" as a partner for the execution of other projects!




SIA Baltic Business Advice,

From March, 2015 until September, 2015 SIA "SteelConstructor MM", AS a general contractor performed the building of fish conservation department with an area of 1200 m2 in Vandzene, Talsi municipality.

The works were organized and performed professionally, in a high quality and in established term. All executable documentation was submitted timely and in accordance with the construction regulations.

The contractor had successful cooperation with subcontractors. The object was handed over to the Construction Board without faults and in proper terms.

We are very satisfied with the construction results and we recommend SIA "SteelConstructor MM", as a successful cooperation partner in the further construction projects.




Senga SIA,